A-List VIP


1:1 Coaching For Beauty Professionals Who Are Ready For Super-Charged Success, Regular Referrals And Increased Income!


Hey, Beauty Boss...

Let’s get you running a polished, premium, and profitable business that has those high-end clients lining up to work with you!

➞ Are you tired of being glued to your phone, texting clients 24/7, and scrolling through endless emails when you’d rather be spending more time with your family?


➞ Are you longing to end the endless cycle of discounting and being surrounded by clients who don’t value your services or time?


➞ What would it feel like to reclaim time, freedom, and boundaries in your business so you can start living life on your terms? 


Pretty life-changing, right? 


Well, you’re in the right place.

❌ You no longer have to accept clients who don’t bring you joy…


❌ You no longer have to charge prices or provide services that don’t honour your worth…


❌ You no longer have to overstep your own boundaries and business hours…


✔️ And you can finally start enjoying your business and the life you create around it!




I’m about to show you!

Look, I completely get it. Running your own beauty business can be overwhelming.


I’ve been there, I’ve had the tricky clients, I’ve done the late nights, I’ve missed out on family time, and I’ve struggled to keep myself afloat.


But now, I’m at full capacity, seeing 5-15 guest requests every month, and a very active waitlist. I work my dream schedule and I genuinely love what I do….


Which is why I’m now here to help you! 

This is for you if...

You’ve been in business for at least a year and you’re ready to step into your next level and scale up


You’re a pro in what you do but need support in running a business itself (it’s a minefield out there!)


You no longer want to be seen as operating a side hustle but as a Beauty Biz Queen!



Having your ideal clients lined up around the block to work with you doesn’t have to be a far-off vision anymore. And neither does creating a schedule that works for you, prioritising your self-care, and working around your other commitments…. 


You get to have it all!

What's Included:

3 x one-to-one coaching sessions over 3 months

In your 60 minute monthly coaching session, we’ll settle on your unique strategy for success. Grow your business, streamline your systems and make making more money more manageable!

Personalised Business Assessment

Before our first call, you’ll have completed a detailed questionnaire, allowing me to guide you with personalised coaching – based on your dream business. Waste no time and get the ball rolling from the first minute of your first call!

Bespoke Action Plan

After our first call together, you’ll receive a fully-fleshed out action plan that pin points your power moves in positioning yourself as a highly profitable beauty pro.


Daily WhatsApp support

In between calls, you’re not out in the cold! I’ll be available on Whatsapp for you to ask questions, receive support and stay accountable to your action steps.


Free lifetime access to the Beauty Boss Guide (scripts & announcements that work!), worth £19.99!  Set yourself up for success with instant access to this coveted guide.


Beauty Boss Guide (scripts & announcements that work!)

Scripts that save time, enforce boundaries and keep you in control of your business.

access and regular updates!


*as above*
£ 97
  • A month, for 3 months


*as above*
£ 290
  • Pay in full

My introductory offer for the A List VIP 1:1 Coaching package has an expiry date.

To get coached by me for the lowest ever price, you have until the end of February to confirm your spot.

This introductory offer of just £97 a month for 1:1 coaching and Whatsapp support is available for just 5 ambitious women who are committed to their professional pamper!

Offer Ends In...


So how about we make you the


If you are an independent beauty professional who wants to build and grow your beauty business through proven strategies, whilst prioritising your wellbeing and a flexible lifestyle this is the perfect fit. 

Your potential is limitless. 


I know from my own journey that what you think is all you’re capable of… is a hell of a lot less than what you’re actually able to achieve.


If this is the year that you make making more money make sense, then I want to help you get there.

You just need to click this link right here to apply and grab your early bird discount ASAP!

The coaching programme will be over a 3 month period. You’ll also get lifetime access to my Beauty Boss Guide (Scripts & announcements that work!) which means you can revisit anytime for a refresh.

You don’t have time because you don’t have the right systems and strategies in place to allow for that to happen. When you apply the advice I give you in this programme,  you are going to not only make more money, but also gain an abundance of time back.