About Me

I’m Hannah. And I help Beauty Pros grow & scale their business through proven strategies, systems and boundaries whilst prioritising their well-being and a flexible lifestyle!

Sounds good, right? 

But achieving a life as ‘simple’ as this can feel a million miles away for so many of us… and honestly, it can feel like such a struggle to balance it all. The stable income, recurring dream clients, work-life balance, time with family, time for yourself… It’s like you’re constantly chasing your tail! 

I get it because I’ve been there. 

I’ve worked all the hours, taken home the pitiful paycheck, and missed kissing my children goodnight because they’ve long gone to bed by the time I’ve got home. 


After working in salons and spas for over a decade and having my third child, I finally realised that it made sense for me to start working from home so that I could work around my family. 


No more missing tea times and bed times, no more wishing I had more hours in the day, and no more hustling myself into the ground for no reward. 



To have the flexibility of running my own business my way has always been my main driving force – and I’ve achieved it, and then some!



That doesn’t mean it’s been easy…

I’ve got 20 years of experience behind me now, which means a whole lot of lessons…


 Lessons that have led me to where I am today and why I’m best placed to help you avoid all the mistakes I’ve made.


 Not only that, I’ve built a profitable business through a recession, 3 kids, house moves, AND a pandemic. 


I now work just 3 days a week – and that includes no evenings or weekends. I take holidays and days off when I want to – not when I’m forced to. 


And I truly run a business that has me wanting to jump out of bed every morning – not least to get out of doing the school run every once in a while!



If I could describe my biz in one word, it would be bulletproof. It’s survived it all. …And now, it’s thriving! 

Which is why I want to help achieve the lifestyle of your dreams too!

You no longer have to feel like your business is a side hustle. It gets to be so much more than that. You no longer have to work all the hours for very little in return. And you no longer have to miss out on creating a life that works for you. 

It’s time to step into the spotlight and stop playing small! 

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