Beauty Boss Guide
(Scripts & Announcements That Work!) 



Scripts that save time, enforce boundaries and keep you in control of your business.

How much time does it take you to craft the perfect announcement or response?

Does this stress you out, do you feel like it takes FOREVER to craft a perfect response or announcement?

Let me take that off your plate for you…

Take a peak inside!

 Not only are these scripts professional, but they are designed to eliminate further questions and back and forth as much as possible by hitting all the necessary talking points at once – saving you time and stress.

60+ scripts that you can use as is or mix and match to create HUNDREDS of custom scripts for virtually any situation. Including:

  1. New Location announcement
  2. Managing your schedule
  3. Cancellations
  4. Late Clients
  5. Re-do’s
  6. Boundaries around business hours
  7. Ending discounts
  8. Auto-response
  9. You’re not a good fit
  10. You are no longer a good fit
  11. Phasing out services
  12. Raise your prices with confidence
  13. Client breakups

    + More

This guide is for you if:

➞ You are ready to make it worthwhile working evenings & weekends or quit working them altogether.

➞ You’re open to only accepting clients that bring you joy – securing a career of longevity, happiness & anti-burnout.

➞ You want to reclaim time, freedom, and boundaries in your business.

➞ You no longer want to be glued to your phone, texting clients 24/7 for every minor detail.

➞ You’re looking to end the endless cycle of discounting and eliminate those that don’t value your services or your time.

➞ You want to define your speciality and phase out services you no longer enjoy or aren’t as profitable

➞ You want to charge your worth and learn how and when to raise your prices with confidence.

➞ You’re already “sold” on creating automation, boundaries or systems in your business. You just haven’t found the right guidance, implementation plan, or accountability to confidently implement them.

➞ You’re ready to embrace all that technology offers you as a solopreneur. You’re only one person, and you may not have a receptionist who can do all the work for you. Guess what friend, technology can and will!

➞ You want to be in a community of forward-thinking beauty professionals just like yourself who are committed to keeping up with the times and redefining what it means to be a Beauty Boss.

Meet Your New Business Bestie


Hi Beauty! I’m Hannah, a serial entrepreneur, and CEO & Founder of A-List Beauty.

I’ve been a Brow & Waxing Specialist since 2011 (and been a beauty therapist for another 8 years before that). I am at full capacity, seeing 5-15 new guest requests every month and a very active waitlist. People travel for miles to see me and I really do have the best clientele I could ask for. I work my dream schedule and love what I do. 

That’s the beauty of a well-executed business strategy.

If you want to have your ideal clients lined up around the block to work with you, all whilst prioritising your self-care… I’m your girl!

Get your Beauty Boss Guide and let’s work together to take your business to the next level

What Beauty Bosses are saying...

Let’s time travel to your new reality

Here’s what I want you to acheive with The Beauty Boss Guide…

✔️  Create your dream schedule & work only the hours that suit YOU (and yes this can be no evenings & weekends!)

✔️  End the endless cycle of discounting and eliminate those that don’t value your services or your time

✔️  Raise your prices with confidence

✔️  Work only with your ideal clients

✔️  Feel in control of your business, and the direction it’s going in

✔️ Define your speciality and phase out services you no longer enjoy

✔️  Be confident with setting and sticking to boundaries


Absolutely! Even if you’ve only just started out, it’s never too early to learn effective communication with your clients and how to enforce boundaries in order to save time and reduce overwhelm. The skills you’ll learn in this guide will serve you at any stage in your career – this is stuff you weren’t taught in your training.

The Beauty Boss Guide is made for anyone in the hair and beauty industry. Whether you’re a nail tech, brow & waxing specialist (like me!), hairdresser or anything and everything in between, the scripts and strategies in the guide are designed to help you reach that next level of success in your business. And that’s whatever success looks like to you!

These are real, modern, proven and actionable strategies that any Hair or Beauty Professional can use no matter what level of career you are in. This guide will help you not only to work with clients who love what you do, respect your boundaries and value your time & your skill but also to be no longer be glued to your phone, texting clients 24/7 and work only the hours YOU want too.

Once you have purchased your ebook, you will receive instant access and be able to get started on these game-changing techniques right away! You will also be invited to join our community of other goal crushing Beauty Pro’s in our exclusive Beauty Boss Facebook group where we will continue to support each other and work through our journeys together.

Instant! You will be emailed the ebook right away and can get started as soon as you are ready.

It’s not essential to have an online booking to make these techniques work for you, however, it will be 100000 times easier for you to set and enforce boundaries this way and if you are looking to start automating your business, this is a great place to start. You can make this work with any booking system that allows for online booking. I recommend Ovatu.

You don’t have the time because you haven’t set strong boundaries or created time-saving systems in your business. Before continuing with other education or work you’ve committed to, you must clear your plate as much as possible to give it the attention it deserves. you do that by creating boundaries and systems, which you will learn how to do in this guide!

You can easily find what you are looking for in those moments that you aren’t sure what to do when these different scenarios pop up with your clients and you just don’t know how to respond. The PDF can be downloaded straight to your phone/ desktop and you can copy & paste the scripts as and when you need them, time and time again. It’s really that easy!

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