Beauty Boss Policy Enforcement Guide

Never stress about enforcing policies again.

This handbook includes policy enforcing email templates to save you time & stress!


Do you need help enforcing policies in your business?
Well, I’ve created a FREE Policy Enforcement Guide to help you with just that!
This guide offers policy enforcing email templates to save you time & stress!
The Beauty Boss Policy Guide includes:
  • Enforcing Policies Checklist
  • Creating a Policy Enforcement Workflow
  • Email Templates
Your business will expand when you get rid of toxic clients that keep you stuck for different reasons.

The is wording to communicate professionally, and efficiently- minimising the back and forth and time-suck of many typical communications.


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Meet Your Mentor: Hannah Clothier Founder & CEO of A-List Beauty

I’m Hannah. And I help Beauty Pro’s like you grow & scale your business whilst prioritising self-care and a flexible lifestyle!

Beauty Businesses are totally my jam, and along with my free guides and resources, I can help you build a VERY profitable business with NO need for sacrificing your health, happiness or work/ life balance.

But why listen to me?

I’ve worked all the hours, taken home the pitiful paycheck, and missed kissing my children goodnight because they’ve long gone to bed by the time I’ve got home.

I’ve got 20 years of experience behind me now, which means a whole lot of lessons…

Lessons that have led me to where I am today and why I’m best placed to help you avoid all the mistakes I’ve made.

Not only that, I’ve built a profitable business through a recession, 3 kids, house moves, AND a pandemic.

I now work just 3 days a week – and that includes no evenings or weekends. I take holidays and days off when I want to – not when I’m forced to.

And I truly run a business that has me wanting to jump out of bed every morning – not least to get out of doing the school run every once in a while! Which is why I want to help achieve the lifestyle of your dreams too!


Having systems and structure in your business and professional words that you can use to communicate them is essential, especially when our boundaries are pushed.


I can help make this a lot less stressful for you and give you all the words you need to feel confident and empowered in your business, which in return will lead to more clients, more growth and more sales.

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