Beauty Boss Guide (Scripts & Announcements That Work!)

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Scripts that save time, enforce boundaries and keep you in control of your business.


How much time does it take you to craft the perfect announcement or response?

Does this stress you out, do you feel like it takes FOREVER to craft a perfect response or announcement?

Let me take that off your plate for you!

Not only are these scripts professional, but they are designed to eliminate further questions and back and forth as much as possible by hitting all the necessary talking points at once – saving you time and stress.

Get INSTANT LIFETIME access and regular updates!

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How much time does it take you to craft the perfect client messages, announcements, or responses?

If you’re ready to save yourself a lot of time and stress, my templates can take all of that off your plate. 

Not only are these scripts professional, but they are designed to eliminate further questions and back and forth with clients. 


Scripts include:


Moving to a New Location

Managing your schedule


Late clients


Enforcing Boundaries

Ending discounts


You’re not a good fit

You are no longer a good fit

Phasing out services

Raise your prices with confidence

Client break ups

+ More

7 reviews for Beauty Boss Guide (Scripts & Announcements That Work!)

  1. Sandy Sanghera (verified owner)

    Prior to reading the automated scripts set up by Hannah I would always dither and have to feel the need to explain myself to clients.
    In this industry we are working in a caring profession and look after our clients – but also at the same time we are running a business and have to make a living too.
    In the past I would not be able to find the right words or feel uncomfortable asking for a cancellation fee and having boundaries.
    But with the help of these wording templates I can say exactly what I need to say to the client and be on point too.
    Thank you so much Hannah for helping me in what sometimes is the hardest part of the business dealing with awkward situations.
    S S

  2. Kate Lambie (verified owner)

    This is such a brilliant guide for all beauty industry professionals and I’m so pleased I have it to refer back to whenever I’m in a difficult client situation.

    Sometimes it’s so hard to word messages, or you struggle to know what to do in salon situations, and Hannah has created something to help you on your way. I have used a few examples already and also implemented things that this guide has made me think more about.

    Boundaries are nothing to be scared of and this guide has really helped me realise this!

  3. Sam Stafford (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for coming across this guide! Iv been struggling with a few problems in my business recently especially with working hours and how to solve some awkward situations with your clients. Hannah has worded this guide so well, her examples are fantastic!

    I have managed to stop discounts and I’m working on my working hours and off peak pricing.

    A brilliant asset to the beauty industry and a must buy ❤️

  4. Emma Gatt (verified owner)

    I’ve always struggled with wording messages. Needing to get the information concise without waffle or too much or too little.

    This guide has been an amazing help.
    I’ve used many of the categories and it’s made life so much easier.

    Salon staff can help respond to questions by using the guide which frees up so much time.

    An absolute must for any salon

  5. Sophie Barker (verified owner)

    Such an amazing guide! Full of so much detail and covers everything you could possibly need for your business!

    This has really helped me personally with upping my prices, I was really struggling. I put this of for a few months as I was so nervous I was going to lose clients or get complaints but using this guide made things much simpler. It broke it down and used techniques I would never of thought off. I had such amazing results using Hannah’s tips and tricks. I would highly recommend this guide if your really trying to grow your business and take it to the next level

  6. alinaa.sp95 (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing guide if you are struggling with making boundaries and sticking up to them in a professional way ! I has to unfortunately cancel some clients that weren’t respecting my business and my time , and using Hannah’s tips made this so much easier for me and I was able to do it in a professional way! Thank you for sharing with us ❤️ Defined will recommend this to everyone in the beauty industry, no matter if you just started or you have years of experience already !

  7. Charlotte Rickard (verified owner)

    Full of lots of easy tips and advice especially for those who struggle to know what to say to their clients and build boundaries. I used a couple of the examples recently, before using them I worried I would loose my client but I believe it has helped set a boundary with a client that I believe before didn’t take my business serious.
    Would recommend 🙂

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