A-List Beauty’s accredited training teaches you how to master your waxing skills using modern techniques so that you are the most in-demand waxer in town, with people travelling miles to see you- after one treatment they will be your forever client!

Created by Hannah Clothier, founder of A-List Beauty and Female Intimate Waxing specialist of over 10 years, her Female Intimate Waxing Masterclass is the only training programme of its kind that not only will increase the value of your waxing services so that you can charge a premium rate with this highly profitable service, but you will walk away feeling confident with your new waxing skills and excited to get started on your first client right away.

Before I tell you about this game-changing training...

This is for you if…
    • You are ready to excel at what you do and have a career you will love and enjoy for many years to come

    • You already hold a Waxing or a Beauty Therapy Level 2 or above qualification and want to advance your waxing techniques


    • You want to add one of the most highly profitable beauty services to your treatment menu


    • You don’t feel confident with your current waxing skills and are avoiding bikini waxes


    • You are struggling to get clients through the door and those who do have waxing services with you, don’t come back


    • You instantly feel dread when you see you have a Hollywood wax booked in and you worry how you are going to get through the day


    • The clients that you do wax complain all the time leaving you feeling stressed, exhausted or like giving up your career as a Beauty Professional


    • You wish you had somewhere to turn to when you come across challenges with your current waxing skillset and need help from someone who has been there, done that and 100% gets it….

…… Basically, if you’re anything like I was when I just finished my college training.



You’re in the right place.


This is not for you if…


  • You have no previous basic waxing or beauty qualifications.
  • You have no interest in having a career in waxing.
  • You can’t touch naked body parts.
  • You are squeamish.
  • You are not willing to be waxed yourself during your practical training day and cannot provide a model if you cannot be waxed yourself.

Meet your mentor...

Hi, I’m Hannah Clothier,

CEO of A-List Beauty, Brow & Hard Waxing Specialist since 2011, Creator of the A-List Beauty ‘Biodegradable Exfoliating Washcloth’ & Industry Educator.

My mission is to help other Beauty professionals feel empowered and confident in waxing. When you feel confident about what you do and how you do it, you give your client the ultimate experience.

With years of experience under my belt, waxing thousands of clients, a strong, ever-growing clientele and a highly successful beauty business… if anyone knows anything about waxing- I believe I do…

I am so excited to bring you this Masterclass and I’m so happy you are her

By the end of this course, you will have…

✔ Confidence in all types of bikini waxing (with hot & warm wax): Basic, High Bikini, G- String, Brazilian, Hollywood

✔ Client consultation and effective communication skills

✔ A certificate in Female Intimate Waxing that is accredited by BIA (Beauty Industry Approved) allowing you to obtain professional insurance upon completion

✔ Suggested treatment timings and costings

✔ An understanding of how to recognise contraindications, contra actions and methods of referral

✔ My go-to tools and products (links provided)

✔ Fully comprehensive online Waxing Theory that can be studied in your own time, before training so that we can be totally hands-on and get the most time out of the practical training

✔ x 1-day practical step by step demonstration  of my Female intimate waxing techniques

✔ An understanding the difference between hot/ hard and warm wax and know when and where to use each

✔ In-person Q&A where we will discuss any questions or concerns before working on clients

✔ Waxing Consultation form and Aftercare templates that you can personalise for your own use

✔ Goody bag including an A-List Beauty Exfoliating Washcloth

✔ Ongoing support & access to our private Beauty Boss Facebook group

…. All of this PLUS a BONUS A-List Beauty Retail Guide for Waxers!

What makes A-List Beauty Training courses different?

It’s true that the Beauty Industry is now inundated with Training Courses from all over the world, meaning training options are more diverse …& confusing than ever!

So what can A-List Beauty do for you?

One of the biggest dilemmas I have come across whilst talking to other Beauty Therapists is that most courses they previously attended or have looked into, teach just basic waxing (with strip wax only!).

One treatment with one basic technique for waxing, and they come away with no clue how to do intimate waxing or even how to use hot/ hard wax.

Hannah’s goal is simple; share with you an ‘A-List Beauty’ training full of superior industry knowledge & treatment techniques. With each freshly learned technique being adaptable to every individual client & their individual skin and hair needs. Enabling you to confidently provide a fantastic service using modern techniques and with minimal discomfort to your clients.

With Hannah’s impeccable standards, courses that ooze quality & in-depth knowledge, plus her outstanding reputation within the industry, we are confident that purchasing an A-List Beauty Course will be a truly unrivalled training experience.


Intimate waxing covers a spectrum of intimate waxing techniques such as Brazilian, Hollywood and shaping.

This course is for anyone who already holds a Waxing or a Beauty Therapy Level 2 or above qualification and wants to advance their waxing techniques.

Contact info@alistbeautypro.com for all upcoming dates. Additional dates and courses will be considered (including the bringing forward of certain dates) pending sufficient demand. The practical training day will run from 10am-2pm approx.

Once you have purchased your training, you will receive access to your Theory and be able to get started with studying within 24 working hours. It’s very important the theory is studied in depth before your practical training day.

Upon completion of your Theory, you will be invited to attend a practical training session which is delivered on a one to one basis over 1 day.

You will then be required to practice at home and produce 3 case studies of evidence supporting competence.

Hannah is based at  A-List Beauty in her home salon in Wirral, North West, UK.

Once you have enrolled on the course, you will receive access to the online theory within 24 working hours- All Theory can be studied in your own time before your practical session- which is 1 day totally hands-on education so no time is wasted After all… you want to learn to wax, not to read!

The practical session is one day.

If there is anything in your Theory you don’t understand or need help with, just let me know before your practical session. I’ll help you as best as I can, but you must tell me.

The practical training is delivered on a one to one basis, so you have my undivided attention and support the whole time.

You will also be invited to join our community of other goal crushing Beauty Boss babes in our exclusive A-List Beauty Academy Facebook group where we will continue to support each other and work through our journeys together.

Students you will be expected to wax each other on the day of the practical, but if you have had laser or can’t be waxed due to a medical condition, you will need to provide your own model, they will only be needed for an hour or so, just be sure to let me know when you book. 

My standards are high and my course complies with the National Occupational Standards so you do need to meet certain criteria in order to pass this course. All of this will be discussed before your assessment. I will of course make exceptions for nerves, but your technique does need to be right and I want to give you as best value for your money as possible, so if I don’t feel you are ready yet, don’t worry, I will send you away to practice and invite you back at a later date.

I’m afraid I can’t secure a place for you without payment.

Yes! It is a Fully Accredited course with BIA (British Industry Approved)  allowing you to obtain professional insurance upon completion.

Yes, once you’ve passed, your BIA (British Industry Approved) Accredited certificate is emailed to you in PDF format so that you can attach it to CV’s, load it onto your website and email it to your insurer etc or if you prefer I can send a paper copy of your certificate in the post upon completion of the course.

The full payment of £250 is required at the time of booking and can be made by clicking the link below. We regret that we cannot reserve training dates or places without payment, and courses are only considered booked once your full course fee has been received.

Full t&c’s can be found here

Click the button below to enrol and you will hear back from me shortly. I can’t wait to work with you!

Click the button below to enrol and let’s work together to take your waxing skills to the next level!

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Before you go, have you seen...

The real-world information & insights NOT found in your textbook.

My mission is to help other Beauty professionals feel empowered and confident in waxing. When you feel confident about what you do and how you do it, you give your client the ultimate experience.

I am so excited to bring you this guide, and I’m so happy you are here.



This is the perfect complement to your waxing training and something I wish I had back when I was in college. This is information NOT found in your book but found in REAL LIFE.